Thursday, June 4, 2015

Life of Agony - Underground

Riff mark: 1:54

The band name speaks volumes about these Words and Music. Real hurt, real pain, real life domestic families torn to shreds through addictions, psychoses, and suicide, NY’s LOA transcripts the dysfunction of Generation X and a few years beyond in manners too blunt for grunge and too elite for the impending nu-metal explosion; thus, like its intended audience, fitting in nowhere, save the Brooklyn street corners where the group roots to NYHC alongside stylistic brutes Type O Negative (of which their drummer joins and keyboardist produces this album). River Runs Red is a sad diary, each song a page of isolation and rhetorical questioning in the simplest of prose, accompanied by the thickest and most direct rhythm and percussion. Joey Z and Alan Robert’s respective guitar and bass formulate the compounds of heft, never complicating matters much with notes, sticking to the Drop D with very few half-steps to spare: kicked-down Underground riffs too grimy for Metallica’s Black Album.  Keith (Mina) Caputo implores rather than screams the band’s namesake, championing depression through unique wails that find theatrical opera through a Scott Weiland acoustic. A unique likeliness despite its rudimentary building blocks. RRR seeks an outreached arm for a bloodied wrist, fists clenched and beating temples, hatred for all but for self the most.

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